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Apostolic Vicariate of Darién is located in the Province of Darién and it was established on November 29th, 1925. Darién is one of the ten provinces of Panama, name of its capital is La Palma. It has an extension of 11 896,5 km; the largest one in the country. It is located in the extreme east of the country and limited on the north with the province of Panama and the region of Guna Yala.
The word Darién comes from the language that was spoken by the indigenous people (Cueva), a tribe that was exterminated by the Settlers along the 16th century.
Regarding the whole country, Darién has 8% of its land destined to agriculture, 60% available to pasture, permanent crops and forest production, and 25% of protected area and nature reserve. The ecotourism activity in Darién is a real paradise to enjoy.
He was born in Jinotepe, department of Carazo, Archdiocese of Managua (Nicarágua), on June 29th, 1954. On February 12th, 2005, Pope Benedict XVI appointed him as Bishop of the Apostolic vicariate of Darién and his episcopal consecration was on March 19th, 2005. He is a professor of Spirituality and Introduction to Theology in the Center of Inter Congregational Studies, in Kinshasa; and a superior of the Claretian Center of Formation for Seminarians since 2001.
In the Panamanian Episcopal Conference, he in charge of the Migration Section which is a branch of the Department of Social Pastoral.


Comarca Emberá-Wounaan

Head office

Provincia de Darién


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Territorial Extension

11 896.5 km²


Constituted Apostolic Vicariate

29 de noviembre de 1925
Centro pastoral en Santa Fe Darien

Centro pastoral en Santa Fe

Puerto Quimba Darien Primera Visita 18 JL9692 (Medium)

Puerto Quimba

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Yaviza, Puente

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Yaviza, Puente

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