Registration in the Diocese
The diocese of Jinotega has jurisdiction over the territory known in the civil area as the department of Jinotega in the Republic of Nicaragua. The department was created on October 15, 1891. At the civil level, eight municipalities constitute it and the diocese has fourteen parishes and three parochial vicariates.
It has an area of ​​9,755 km2 and a total population of 460,372 inhabitants, of which 65% are Catholic and 74% live in the rural area, with a high percentage of illiteracy and with difficult access to basic services. Jinotega is one of the four departments with the highest poverty rate in the country.
Mons. Carlos Enrique Herrera Gutiérrez was born on December 21, 1948, in the city of Managua. He entered the Franciscan Order of Minor Friars in 1973, being a postulant in that same year in Costa Rica, a novitiate in Guatemala in 1974, and issuing his first religious vows in January 1975.
His Holiness, Benedict XVI, elected him bishop of Jinotega on May 10, 2005. His Episcopal consecration was held on June 24, 2005, at the San Juan Bautista Cathedral, with the presence of the Episcopal Conference of Nicaragua.
He has been responsible, at the level of the Episcopal Conference of Nicaragua, for Religious Life, Lay People, and Youth Ministry, and is currently the president of National Cáritas.


Department of Jinotega


Department of Jinotega


Cordoba and USD




Spanish and English Creole

Total Area

9,755 km2


460,372 inhabitants

Constituted Diocese on

April 30, 1991

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