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Coclé is a province in the center of Panama. Its surface has an extension of 4.927 km and 228.676 inhabitants (2010). The name of the capital is Penomé. The province is limited in the north with the province of Colón, east with the province of Panama Oeste, south with Herrera and the gulf of Parita and west with Veraguas.
The origin of its name is in regard of the great Cloclé River of the North and Cloclé River of the South, both cross its territories; and possibly also in regard of the leader of an indigenous group who used to dominate the Central Plain. The agricultural and animal husbandry activities are the base of its economy.
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Cathedral of the Diocese of Penonomé
He was born on January 18th, 1960 in Panama, in a family originally from Los Santos and from Veraguas.
He studied philosophy at the “Centro de Estudios de Pastoral y Filosofía” (CEPAF) in Bogotá (Colombia) and theology at the Pontifical University Javeriana of Bogotá (Colombia). He went on taking courses of spiritual Guidance and “Counseling” in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) and Business Administration in Bogotá (Colombia). At the Archdiocese of Panama he was the parish priest of the Medalha Milagrosa Church in Alcalde Díaz and Superior of the district of Panama (from 2011 to now). He was appointed by Pope Francis on October 15th, 2015 and consecrated bishop on December 5th, 2015. He is the second Bishop in the history of Penonomé.


Provincia de Coclé, Panamá

Head office

Provincia de Coclé


Dólar USA





Territorial Extension

4.927 km²


204.551 inhabitants

Constituted Diocese

18 de diciembre de 1993


Chorro de Ola

Playa Farrallón


Social Networks

Liliana Morán

Hna. Isabel Salazar

Andrés Barría M.