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Veraguas is one of the ten provinces of Panama. The capital is the city of Santiago of Veraguas. Its surface has an extension of 11.239, 3 km, and a population of 226.641 inhabitants (2010).
It may be that the word Veraguas comes from different types of origins and meanings. In the elaboration of the names of the people and geographic features of the Iberian Peninsula a certain number of ethnic groups intervened with their respective language. Some sources affirm that the word Veraguas has arab influences.
The province of Veraguas is the only one in the entire Republic of Panama to have coastland on the Caribbean Sea and the Pacific Ocean, with nearly 60 kilometers of coastline on the Caribbean and more than 350 kilometers on the Pacific side. Apart from the significant number of nearby islands belonging to Panama.
The weather in Veraguas is humid subtropical in both of the lands near the two coastlines and temperate and very humid in the area of the mountain range. The lowest average temperature is 22 ºC (on the mountain range) and the highest is 27 ºC (coastal zones).
Cathedral of Santiago
He was born in August, 1963, in Cañazas, province of Veraguas. When he was 15 years old he joined the Minor Seminar San Liborio of the Diocese of Santiago of Veraguas. Between 1983-1990, he studied philosophy and theology in the Major Seminar Fancisco Xavier de Garaycoa, in the diocese of Guayaquil, Ecuador.
Pope Francis appointed him bishop of the diocese of Santiago of Veraguas on April 30th, 2013. He was made a canon on June 30th, 2013.


Provincia de Veraguas

Head office

Santiago de Veraguas,


Dólar USA





Territorial Extension

11.239,3 km²


Constituted Diocese

Escudo Veraguas

Santa Fe

Reserva Forestal La Yeguada

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