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1. What is the Youth Festival?
The Youth Festival is part of the program of activities that will take place during World Youth Day (WYD) Panama 2019. Its purpose is to bring young people from around the world together through the sharing of their artistic and religious talents, and also, through faith and life experiences. There will be many events, including music, theatre, dance, exhibits, gatherings and much more.
2. Where and When?
The Youth Festival will begin even before the Main Events, on Monday January 22, 2019, and will continue until Sunday, January 27, after the Final Mass. There will be events on various stages and locations throughout Panama City during the afternoons and evenings.
3. How to Participate?
Pilgrims who will be attending WYD Panama 2019, and who want to share their talents or organize an event, should send their initial proposal, with all the relevant information to the following email: [email protected] There is no need to register before sending in a proposal.
4. Who can participate?
Everyone! All individuals, groups and communities can contribute to the Youth Festival. This invitation is open to everyone (Catholic or not) who want to express their faith in Christ through an artistic event, lecture, prayer gathering or other type of event. All you have to do is send in a proposal!
5. Can people with disabilities participate?
Yes. We are trying to do our best to respond to the needs of people with disabilities. The Youth Festival team is doing all they can to make sure that everyone who wants to participate can do so.
6. Is there a cost in order to participate?
There is no cost to participating in the Youth Festival, but all participants and organizers must register as pilgrims for WYD2019. All expenses related to your event must be covered by the organizing group. Admission to all Youth Festival events is free and all events are open to all who wish to attend.
7. We have to pay all our expenses?
WYD2019 will provide the groups the venues for all events without cost. The venues will have a basic sound and lighting setup, as well as backline. All other expenses are the responsibility of the organizers.
8. When is the deadline for proposals?
We are receiving proposals from October 1st, 2017 until May 30th, 2018.
9. When will you let me know if I am selected?
Selection will be made during May, 2018 and groups will be notified in next months, 2018.
10. Where and when will my presentation be?
At the moment of selection, the Direction of Youth Festival will assign all the venues and schedules for the groups and events, based on the needs of each group. Once all the groups are confirmed, this schedule will be finalized. The program will be made public towards the end of 2018.
11. Do I have to register as a WYD pilgrim if I am selected for the Youth Festival?
Yes. All the participants and event organizers (if they come to WYD) must register as pilgrims. This is a requirement for selection.
12. Where will our accommodations be?
Accommodations for all the participants and organizers of Youth Festival events is the same as for all WYD pilgrims. At the moment of registration, pilgrims and groups will have the option of choosing basic (simple) accommodations in schools, parishes or with families. If you choose the package that does not include basic accommodation, you will be responsible for your own accommodations.
13. What technical (production) equipment will be available at the Youth Festival venues?
Once your group is selected, we will begin looking at the details of your presentation and, based on these, you will be assigned the venue with the equipment that best suits your needs. Once you are selected, the sound and lighting details will be shared with the groups.
14. If I’m accepted for the Festival, will I participate in the Main Events or will I be able to sing to the Pope?
The Youth Festival program and the Main Events program are separate. It is possible that some participants of the Youth Festival will have the opportunity to also participate in a Main Event, but it is not probable. What is more likely is that the best or most appropriate acts from the Youth Festival will be able to perform on the main stage before or after a Main Event. This will be decided once the Festival selections have been made.
15. What are the Main Events?
WYD2019 will have 5 Main Events: The Opening Mass (on Tuesday, presided by the Archbishop of Panama, Mons. José Domingo Ulloa); the Papal Welcome Ceremony (Thursday); the Way of the Cross (Friday); the Vigil (Saturday) and the Final Mass (Sunday). All of these events will take place on the Main Stage at the Cinta Costera in Panama City.
16. More questions?
Write to us: [email protected]