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1. What is the age limit?
The recommended age range to participate in WYD is from 15 to 30. Episcopal Conferences, Movements, Associations and Communities can establish a different age range for the young people participating within their organization.
2. How can I register?
"To participate in the World Youth Day Panama 2019,You must complete the registration form that will be available on the website: ‎ You can also download the INSTRUCTIONS on how to complete the form."
3. Why is the registration important?
The registration is necessary for the Local Organizing Committee (LOC) to prepare the places for lodging, catechesis, food distribution and transportation of pilgrims; as well as the logistics of the different ceremonies and events.
4. What do registered WYD participants receive?
Depending on the modality chosen, pilgrims will receive the "pilgrim's package" which may include: accommodation, health insurance, transportation card within the city, access to the Central Events, food during WYD, pilgrim's kit (backpack) and all what is necessary to live this experience at its most.
5. Who can register to participate?
Anyone between 15 and 35 years old. However, those who are risponsible (pilgrims in charge of coordination of groups, priests or religious) may be older. There should always be someone responsible for the group, so that the registration of the entire group is completed. This person must be at least 18 years old.
6. Who can register to participate?
Anyone between 15 and 35 years old. However, those who are risponsible (pilgrims in charge of coordination of groups, priests or religious) may be older. There should always be someone responsible for the group, so that the registration of the entire group is completed. This person must be at least 18 years old.
7. How do the participating pilgrims contribute to the costs of World Youth Day?
Each registered pilgrim contributes with the expenses of the organization of this event through:- payment of the participation fee for the Pilgrim's Package (the value depends on the type of modality chosen)- voluntary contribution to the Solidarity Fund (at least 10 euros or 12 dollars to help participants from the poorest countries)
8. What should minors do to participate in WYD Panama 2019?
Underaged pilgrims need to have written permission from their parents or legal guardian (s). The document for this purpose is in the registration form (for participation during the Central Events of the WYD, the group coordinator must bring them with them). Their care will be entrusted to an adult of the group, also counting on the permission of the parents or legal guardians of the participant (we remember that an adult responsible for minors, will be in charge of a maximum of 10 young people). Those responsible for groups may only be young people over 18 years of age.
9. When will the registration begins?
The registration process formally begins once the Pope (the first pilgrim) enrolls in the platform, approximately one year before the WYD starts.
10. What is the difference between Macro group, Individual group and subgroup?
The namings are for better handling the registration. Macro group: Groups of up to 5000 pilgrims, enrolled in the first phase, will have to be divided into "subgroups" in the second phase of registration; Subgroups: Groups of up to 150 pilgrims within a macro group; Individual group: Groups of up to 150 pilgrims, independent of a macro group.

What personal information of the group members should be considered?
"In the registration system, the following personal data of the group will be required: - Person responsible for the group and sub-responsible of the group - Priests: they will register as pilgrims. There will be no separate registration for priests. It will be enough to include the data of each of the priests in the form, along with the scanned copy of the confirmation of the priestly status signed by the bishop or his delegate, (letter in PDF format can be downloaded from the system) photograph. - The number of underage pilgrims (you must download a special form for each) - People with disabilities - in order to facilitate the reception of this group of pilgrims, a specific form must be completed. - Information on the arrival in Panama and departure after the WYD. - When completing the registration process it is important to have the following information of all pilgrims of the group (the system will ask to upload an Excel file): 1. Name 2. Surname (last name) 3. Sex (Gender) 4. Date of Birth 5. Place of birth 6. Nationality 5. Passport number 6. Passport date of expiry 7. Place of issue of the passport"
How will the groups be identified in the registration system?
Each group will be assigned a registration code that will be used as the "identifier" of the group for contact with the Local Organizing Committe in Panama and the Dicastery for the Laity, Family and Life, especially when it comes to pay.
Can the Local Organizing Committee (LOC) help with the visa process?
The pilgrims who complete the registration will receive a certification from the Local Organizing Committee to help in the visa procedures. All information related to this topic is available on this page:
How can I register for "Days in the Dioceses"?
The Central Events of the WYD are preceded by Days in the Dioceses (from January 16 to 20, 2019) and will be held in different dioceses of Panama, Costa Rica and Nicaragua. All groups interested in participating in "Days in the Dioceses" should visit the WYD Panama 2019 website to find all the necessary information. After choosing a diocese, the group leader should contact the responsible diocesan center and register their group. By contacting the diocese, you can request detailed information about lodging and others. For more information contact: [email protected] Después de elegir una diócesis, el líder del grupo debe contactar al centro diocesano responsable y registrar a su grupo. Al contactar a la diócesis puede solicitar información detallada sobre hospedaje y demás. Para mayor información puede escribir al siguiente correo: [email protected]
Where can I write if I have more questions about registration?
All questions related to pilgrim registration for WYD can be directed to any of the following emails of the Registration Department: Inglés: [email protected]
Which is the last day to register as pilgrim?
Registration on the web page closes the 17th of January 2019
Is there a deadline to register with accomodation?
Pilgrim packages (including accommodation) will be available on the website until Thursday, January 17, 2019.
Is it possible to reserve a place at the central events at the time of registration?
The registration address will assign its location in the central acts according to established policies.
How will the change in currencies other than the dollar be handled?
Pilgrims who manage a currency other than the dollar, must make the changes of their currencies in the banking centers of their countries or in the exchange centers established in the Republic of Panama.


1. How is the registration process for priests?
Priests do not need to fill in a separate registration form. In the registration system for pilgrims, priests can register completing the information and attaching the requested documentation (required for their accreditation).
2. What are the requirements for a priest to be registered?
Priests will have to answer the specific questions, and they will also be required to attach a certificate of Clerical Status signed either by their bishop, or by the superior of the community. The document can be downloaded from the reserved area within the registration tool. They will also have to upload a photo as part of the required documentation.
3. How can priests participate in WYD?
They can concelebrate the Holy Mass and celebrate the Sacrament of Penance in the designated points, according to their availability and languages indicated by the priest in the registration form.
4. For further information
For further information, please send an email to: [email protected]


When does the registration period begin for volunteers?
Volunteer registrations is scheduled to open between February and March of 2018.
What role will I be assigned as a volunteer?
Roles will be assigned according to the information submitted by applicants through their profiles. It will depend largely on their knowledge and experience. However, it is recommended that the applicant keep what God has planned for him/her in his/her prayers.
Do I need to speak another language to be a volunteer?
It is not necessary to speak another language; however, it is recommended and can help you make an important contribution if you are able to speak one of the five official languages of WYD Panama 2019: Spanish, English, French, Portuguese or Italian.
What is the cost of the volunteer package?
The cost depends on the benefits that you need, since they include accommodation, food, transportation, health insurance and the volunteer kit. With fewer benefits, the cost will be lower, in line with the needs of each volunteer.
How old must I be to be a volunteer?
You can be a WYD Panama 2019 volunteer from ages 15 and up. There is no maximum age. What is important is to have a spirit of service to carry out your assigned tasks.


1. Is registration open for bishops?
Yes. The bishop’s registration forms are now available on the websites and
2. How does a bishop register?
Two sections have been arranged for the Bishops to register. There is a section for Central American Bishops (SEDAC) and one for Bishops from other countries. Bishops who wish to participate in World Youth Day must register according to their country of origin, by entering the bishops' registration module. In the case of Bishops from other countries, they should download the form, complete it, and send it to the following addresses: [email protected] / [email protected] For the Bishops of Central America (SEDAC), the form should be sent to: [email protected] Once this first stage has been completed, each Bishop will receive a message by email to access the second phase of online registration, in their reserved area.
3. How does a Central American Bishop register?
The Bishops of Central America (SEDAC) must register directly with the Local Organizing Committee (LOC) by entering the bishops' registration module: download the form, complete it, and send it to: [email protected]
4. How will the Bishops participate in WYD?
In addition to participating in the central events, some Bishops will also be invited to give catechesis for the pilgrims.
5. Can Bishops participate in catechesis?
Some Bishops will be invited to give catechesis for the pilgrims in the various established catechetical centers. The Dicastery for Laity, Family and Life (DLFL) will proceed to invite the Bishops, and assign the sessions of catechesis. The number of Bishops involved in the catechesis will depend on the number of catechetical seats established for each language.
6. What type of accommodation will be available for Bishops?
In the second phase of online registration, each Bishop will find the options that the LOC has made available for their accommodation. Details related to costs will also be available. The catechist Bishops will assume their own lodging and food expenses.
7. Can Bishops bring secretaries?
Yes, the Bishops can register their secretary.
8. Does each Bishop assume the expenses of his secretary?
The Bishops (including catechists) assume the expenses of lodging and food, both their own and their respective secretaries.
9. Will the secretary stay in the same accommodation as the Bishop?
At the time of registration, each Bishop must indicate, in the registration form, everything related to his stay and his secretary. The Local Organizing Committee will take care of making the reservation of the secretary, doing everything possible so that they can be lodged in the same place as the Bishop, although this cannot be guaranteed.
10. Will transportation for Bishops be arranged during WYD?
Yes, the LOC will coordinate transportation for Bishops in the following situations: ● Transportation from the place of arrival (airport, bus terminal) to the place of lodging - only applies to Bishops who request accommodation to the LOC previously. ● Transportation to catechetical venues. ● Transportation for the central events.
11. Should Bishops obtain registration packages that include food?
Bishops assume the cost of their food, except for the time they are in the catechetical office (in the case of catechists) and during the central events. The LOC will offer all the Bishops, coupons for the main meals from January 22 to 27 (Pilgrim's Menu) and a public transportation card. Breakfast is included in all types of accommodation provided by the LOC.
12. Will the Bishops participate in meetings for Bishops during WYD?
If there is a special meeting for Bishops, convened by the LOC, each invited Bishop will be previously informed, and his mobilization will be coordinated.
13. Do bishops require a visa for Panama?
Bishops must comply with the visa processes according to the regulations of their respective countries.
14. Access points to Panama (air / land)
● Airports ● Bus terminal
15. Can Bishops with disabilities participate?
A Bishop with a disability must indicate his disability in the registration form. The LOC will assist him considering his specific conditions.
16. Is there an age limit for the Bishops to participate?
No age limit has been established for the bishops regarding their participation in the next WYD.
17. For more information regarding Bishops, contact the following email address:
[email protected] or call: (507) 6379-2399