1. How will WYD pastoral care work?
There is a department for pastoral care that is responsible for preparing the topics and materials. This office has already started working on the required material for WYD 2019.
2. Can people from other religions participate in WYD 2019?
Yes, WYD is open to any religion. It is an event oriented towards peace.
3. Will the catechesis of WYD 2019 be adapted to any religion?
The catechesis will not be adapted, but anyone from another religion is welcome to participate, since WYD is open to all equally.
4. In how many languages ​​will the catechesis be dictated?
In five languages: Spanish, English, Italian, French, and Portuguese.

Know the information of Vocations Fair

1. What is the Vocations Fair?
The Vocations Fair is an event where all young pilgrims will have the opportunity to strengthen their vocation through workshops, stands, prayer, games, vocational orientation and discussions. On the Vocations Fair the vocational kerygma, it means, the way that reminds us that we are called by God, will be communicated. .
2. Can people from other religions participate in WYD 2019?
The initiative behind the Vocations Fair first took place in WYD Toronto 2002. It was built up further in the WYD Cologne 2005 and became what it is today during the WYD 2008, in Sydney. The context behind what is being developed for the WYD Panama 2019 is derived from the XV Ordinary General Assembly of the Synod of the Bishops, whose central theme is: Youth, Faith and Vocational Discernment.
3. Why is the WYD 2019 Vocations Fair called “Follow Me”?
WYD 2019 will have a Vocations Fair titled Follow Me. This global exchange for youth has a strong Marian influence – vocationally, which will assist many youth with advancing their preparations for a Christ centered life. Follow Me is a phrase that Jesus used with his first disciples (Mt 9,9). It is the captivating proposal that He makes us discover when he calls us through a vocation in our path of life. He calls us to follow him, so that like Mary, we may say: “Here is the servant of the Lord, may it be done to me according to your Word” (Lk 1,38).
4.When and where will the Follow Me Vocations Fair take place?
The Follow Me Vocations Fair will take place between 22 and 25 January, 2019, in the Omar Torrijos Recreational Park, in Panama City , from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm.
5. What is the objective of the Follow Me Vocational Festival?
The objective of the Follow Me Vocational Festival is to offer spaces for information, orientation, dynamic accompaniment and attracting youth in a way that helps them discern their vocation through developed scenarios with an integral focus in the brand of WYD 2019 Panama.
6. What does the Follow Me Vocations Fair promote?
The Vocations Fair seeks to present the vocational kerygma which is the announcement of life as a journey in which we are all pilgrims, thus we are all invited to pass through different steps before getting to heaven. Under this spirituality, we may understand the Panama 2019 pilgrim experience as a reflection of the pilgrimage through life. In this pilgrimage towards happiness we find three steps and one goal which is Eternal Life. The first step is the vocation to life as a gift from God, a gift or call that all youth must appreciate, recognizing that the mere act of living is a gift from God. The second step is the Christian vocation, which is a call to become disciples and missionaries, as a result of personal encounters with Jesus. The third step is a specific vocation which is that the majority of young pilgrims desire and need to encounter Jesus through a vocational discernment to be happy handing their lives to Jesus on any of the following walks of life: matrimony, religious life, priesthood or consecrated layperson.
7. Who can participate?
Since the Vocations Fair is an opportunity to present the diversity within the unity of the Catholic Church, all pilgrims as well as those who wish to present specific vocations (matrimony, priesthood, religious or laymen/women), charismatic devotions, movements, or pastoral groups are invited to participate. This way, we can share the joy of following Christ in service of our brothers and sisters.
8. What are the ways we can participate ?
In the Vocations Fair we can participate as visitors or exhibitors. The Vocations Fair is for all, for this reason, pilgrims, volunteers, all people can participate.
9. What are the requirements to participate as an exhibitor?
You must be registered as a pilgrim - it is a requisite for your proposal to be accepted in the Vocations Fair. The registration period to participate as an exhibitor with a stand at the Vocations Fair is from 1 June to 21 November 2018. In order to complete these steps it is important to visit the official website:, go into the section on the Follow Me Vocations Fair, where the full details can be found as well as all the necessary information to submit your proposal. The proposal must be in alignment with the objective of the Vocations Fair, comprehensive and creative.
10. What are the packages for the Follow Me Vocations Fair ?
Know the information in:
11. What activities are part of the Follow Me Vocations Fair ?
We will have the opportunity to deepen our vocation through workshops, expositions, discussions, lecture areas, meetings, stands, prayer, games, vocational orientation and cultural projects. Likewise, in this activity we will have interactions, discussions and interreligious and ecumencial dialogue with respect to select common principles such as peace, justice and fraternal bonding. Prepare to meet youth from across the globe, try to learn the most common greetings and expressions in the five official languages to be able to share more during cultural exchanges. You may also use signs and figures that can be incorporated into conversations with other people in order to visualize what you would like to convey in another language. Bring pins and other items you would like to exchange with other people during cultural exchanges. Items that you wish to be brought to other parts of the world that will also help you to open yourself to start new friendships. The Vocations Fair is not for a select few, it’s for all World Youth Day Panama 2019 participants, meaning it’s for all those that seek to follow Jesus.
You have doubts?
If you have any questions, require more information or have any proposals, please write to the following email address: [email protected]