Online module

We developed an online registration module for journalists and social communicators, which will be used for the first time during World Youth Day. This system has some changes to the usual way that is used for this type of registration.

Register by work teams

It will also allow the applicant to apply for workgroups to guarantee entrance to the activities that such applicant has been accredited for, according to each job performed.


Practical Guide

For ease of understanding, we developed a User Manual to provide details on how to fill out your application. Please download and browse this manual before you start the application.

Registration form in 4 languages

The Registration Form is in four (of the five) official languages of WYD Panama 2019: English, Spanish, French and Italian. Also included in the Manual is the Portuguese translation for the application.


Free accreditation

It also includes: Use of the Press Center, Use of the Satellite Press Room, Access to all accredited activities, Transportation for journalists to travel from the Press Center to the Main Activities.

"We appreciate your interest in sharing and spreading, as Pope Francis tells us "the truth, goodness and beauty" of each of the events that will come to life during WYD Panama 2019".



Be a Journalist or Communications Professional.

Work in a media company or independently.

Fill out the Registration Request Form, download and read the instruction manual.

Attach the following documents:

** Panamanian ID or valid Passport.
** Copy of a second Photo ID (driver's license, Journalist ID if required by the country of the applicant)
** Passport-size picture of high resolution, 45mm x 45mm.
** Letter from a Medium of Communication, Journalist College or the Diocese which accredits the interested party’s role as a journalist or communicator.
**“For those who register as Freelance or Independent must attach two Media letters.
Note: All digital images must be archived in PDF, JPEG and PNG file formats with a maximum of 2MB each file.

Frequently Asked Questions for the Media

1. What is the online registration system?
This is a system in place to allow journalists, communication professionals, and general media representatives to request accreditation. You can access this system at www.panama2019.pa/inscripciones-media.
This system allows one to:
Fill out a Registration Request using an online Registration Form and enter the required information online.
Create an account with a password to access the Registration Form and upload required documents and credentials.
Check the status of a Registration Request.
2. What is the deadline to submit my registration request?
Until December 15, 2018 as the deadline to submit your Registration Application.
3. I am a freelance journalist. Can I request accreditation to cover WYD Panama 2019?
Freelance journalists may also request accreditation to cover the WYD Panama 2019. They must complete the same process starting with the online Registration Request.
4. I would like to request accreditation to participate with my work team, as we need to enter events together to perform our role. Is this possible?
The online registration system allows Registration Requests for groups. Directions for requesting Registration as a group can be found in the User Manual for the Online Registration Form.