National Government to increase transport service for pilgrims coming to World Youth Day

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June 7, 2018
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July 4, 2018

National Government to increase transport service for pilgrims coming to World Youth Day

Gobierno aumentará servicio de transporte para peregrinos que vengan a la JMJ

Panama, June 8, 2018 At the second Preparatory Meeting for World Youth Day, the President of the Republic of Panama, Juan Carlos Varela, gave assurances that five stations of the Metro, line two, (currently under construction) would be ready for use by the pilgrims participating in World Youth Day, in January 2019.
The president stressed that those who arrive at Tocumen airport will be able to enter without difficulty – using the partial stretch of Line 2, and the complete Line 1 of the Metro – to the transport terminal that connects the interior of the republic to the indigenous comarcas.
The Panamanian State recently negotiated the purchase of additional cars, that would allow the increase to the present service, from three to five cars per train. Furthermore, President Varela indicated that he intends to increase connectivity, through alliances with airports in neighboring countries and complementary airlines.
Likewise, the National Government delivered the requirements for entering and obtaining visas for the Republic of Panama to the Local Organizing Committee of the WYD Panama 2019 and to the delegates of 83 countries. These requirements apply to all the visitors travelling to Panama, and the participants of World Youth Day are not exempt.
However, it was reported that international pilgrims and volunteers who come for World Youth Day in January 2019 will be exempted from the payment of $60 for Migratory and Consular Services provided that they have their certificate of registration for the event.
Entry Requirements: The National Migration Service reported that foreigners must:
1. Enter by officially authorized land, sea, or air migratory posts.
2. Submit, at the request of the immigration authority, their passport or travel document with a minimum of three months of validity. In the event that the entry visa is required, it must be equally valid.
3. Assent to interviews by competent authorities at the time of entry or exit to check that their biometric data and records are valid on site and that their baggage and personal documents are inspected and verified.
4. Have no impediment to entry.
5. Be exempted from presenting the economic solvency for those registered for WYD Panama 2019, whenever the Certification of Participation is presented.
6. Have a return ticket to your country of origin or residence as the migratory classification requires.
In the case of minors, the visa application must be completed by one of their parents or those who are the duly accredited care takers, presenting a birth certificate and sworn statement, where the applicant grants notarized authorization to leave the country, detailing the duration of the visit and the person who will be responsible during their stay in Panama.
Those who travel to Panama for WYD must meet the following requirements for visas:

1. Certification of participation

2. Tourist visa form

3. Full passport (with a minimum of three months valid from the entry to Panama)

4. Confirmed flight itinerary

5. Photocopy of identification document or residence card of the country where you reside.

Regarding vaccines, the Ministry of Health (MINSA) of Panama stated that all pilgrims, volunteers, and foreign participants must observe the regulations according to their country of origin. These indications are based on the list of epidemic outbreaks reported by the Pan American Health Organization, which includes the following:
1. Yellow Fever: The African Continent and Brazil.
2. Measles: United States of America, Bolivian Republic of Venezuela, Italy, Spain, Greece, and China.
3. Diphtheria: Bolivian Republic of Venezuela.
According to the Ministry of Health, this information will be updated if new outbreaks in other countries.