Mandatory Requirements

The volunteer candidate must enter his/her volunteer area with his/her email address. It is important for the candidate to remember the email address and password, otherwise he/she will not be able to re-enter the area.

The volunteer candidate must attach three documents:

**Recommendation Letter, which must be signed and sealed by his/her bishop, parish, responsible party or leader, for the letter to be valid. It should contain as well a passport-sized photo in the photo space
**Scanned passport-sized photo
**Legible copy of passport or national identification card

Every authorized international volunteer must assume costs of his/her plane ticket.

Every volunteer must carry out the assigned role with commitment and report themselves to offer the requested service.

Volunteers will receive a face-to-face training if they reside in the host country of WYD and virtual training if they do not reside in that country.


Frequently Asked Questions

When will registration close?
The registration process for volunteers will close off around October 2018.
What role will I be assigned as a volunteer?
Roles will be assigned according to the information submitted by applicants through their profiles. It will depend largely on their knowledge and experience. However, it is recommended that the applicant keep what God has planned for him/her in his/her prayers.
Do I need to speak another language to be a volunteer?
It is not necessary to speak another language; however, it is recommended and can help you make an important contribution if you are able to speak one of the five official languages of WYD Panama 2019: Spanish, English, French, Portuguese or Italian.
What is the cost of the volunteer package?
The cost depends on the benefits that you need, since they include accommodation, food, transportation, health insurance and the volunteer kit. With fewer benefits, the cost will be lower, in line with the needs of each volunteer.
How old must I be to be a volunteer?
You can be a WYD Panama 2019 volunteer from ages 15 and up. There is no maximum age. What is important is to have a spirit of service to carry out your assigned tasks.
You have doubts?
Emails to direct people for further information: For international English-speaking volunteer questions: [email protected] + For validation process questions: [email protected] + For registration process questions: [email protected]