The WYD Panama 2019 will be Latin American

Opening of the Second Preparatory Meeting for World Youth Day Panama 2019
June 7, 2018
National Government to increase transport service for pilgrims coming to World Youth Day
June 8, 2018

The WYD Panama 2019 will be Latin American

Panama June 7, 2018. Seven months before the World Youth Day in Panama begins and the numbers of registered pilgrims and volunteers seem to show that it will be a "Latin American and peripheral" WYD.
The data provided during the II Preparatory Meeting for the World Youth Day, which takes place in the Panamanian capital, reveals that out of 160,000 registered pilgrims in phase 1, 62% come from countries of the American continent, led by Mexico, Colombia, Brazil, Argentina and Costa Rica. A number of 5,000 foreign volunteers is expected and out of the 1,972 registered, 77% belong to the American continent. On the first day of the meeting, delegates from 83 countries were informed of the process and progress in Registration, the Theological-Pastoral Program, the Days in the Dioceses, the Youth Festival and Vocations Fair.
The objective of the Preparatory Meeting is for delegates from different countries to know the details of the organization, to get to know the host country and to better train and inform the pilgrims of their delegations.
An advance of the "international video" was presented to the audience, a production on the World Youth Day Theme Song in the five official languages showing images of emblematic places in Panama. This production will be released to the public in the coming weeks.
The WYD in numbers

160,000 registered pilgrims in phase 1

72,500 registered pilgrims in phase 2

6,050 registered pilgrims in phase 3

1,972 registered international volunteers